Just logged onto my blog after over a year. Was going through some posts and was amazed at the language i have used in the articles. Cant believe i used to be so articulate at one point of time. Creative writing has gone out of the window thanks to a job which involves a lot of technical writing.

Since the last couple of months, the need to get out of the cocoon of technical writing has been bothering me on more than one occassion. I want to get back to writing for the love of writing and not out of any compulsion or just because my bread and butter depend on it.

I want to explore different genres of writing and just re-connect with my creative writing abilities. And what better way than to blog about it. I know this blog is as dead as the dinosaurs, but heck, i already have an active photoblog so i dont want to invest more energy in popularising this blog unless i have some quality content on it about which i have some bragging rights. Thanks to micro-blogging revolution and a status update OCD, i have started taking the easy way out for things which i loved writing about. Two years back if i genuinely loved a movie or some experience moved me, i wrote atleast a 1000 words on it. And now i just limit that whole experience and cram it in 140 characters flat. Ah! what progression.

So before i fall victim to this shit and completely forget what creative writing is all about, i want to control the reins. he idea is to be as regular on the blog as is possible, not out of free will but out of compulsion. Three minutes of continuous writing on a daily basis is not asking for much i feel. It’s just going to be a freewheeling writing session. I know what will be the counter argument to that, whats the point? Well the articles i used to blog about when i had started off had emerged out of pure boredom and taken on a shape which even i was amazed at in the end. Its like you plan to eat plain vanilla and end up with a triple sundae. The mere fact that i had written a quality article in proper English gave me a sense of satisfaction which i could not get from anything else. That is the power of words. Unless you dont engross yourself and lose yourself in words, nothing meaningful will emerge. Thinking about a million ideas and not having anything put down into words is pure hallucination.

Having been a spectator for far too long, i feel i need to re-connect with my writing to emerge stronger both mentally and as an added incentive professionally.

Take Care