Haven’t come to this blog since ages. Now that i have arrived, yet again, i hope to add some dough worth reading.

I notice that the entire look of WordPress has changed, which is all the more motivating for me to start posting more often here. Actually the thought to re up this blog was triggered in the Journalism class we had that day. There was a doctor who was giving us tips on how to cover health journalism, which to me sounded utterly boring. I would rather get back to TCS and do banking, actually no. I would never go back to doing what i left to pursue Media Studies.

Right now the only thought bothering me is to come up with enough stories for my Technology Page in our college’s annual project, the 48 page tabloid, Our World Now. The dummy had an interesting mix of articles. And i was on full throttle then. Now i guess the enthusiasm has dipped tremendously, which by the way, isnt a sign of good times. As an upcoming journalist, i should be in love with writing, not run away from it.

That is what i plan to do by restarting my blog entires. The entries as usual are not going to follow any particular theme. I am just going to rant but not just for the heck of it. It will hopefully be something to think about, cos lets face it, if i am gonna put up crap i myself would not want to read, how can i have it on a space which i am expecting (yeah i do have an urge to reach out to real people via this virtual world) people to read.

Thats all for now. Yeah, i know, its always so simple to re-start like this. And make big promises but later on let life take its own course and forget all about the committment towards the blog. Nothing new with me. But hoping that this time the innings are longer.

Blogging is my love and how far can one stay from one’s love, right?

Take Care