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Doctor, Dentist, Clinic, Hospital are some of the words that instill an unknown fear in me. And yesterday i had to face one of them. The Dentist. My tooth had been giving me a really bad time since the last one week. Everytime i bit into something the right jaw would send a blinding pain jus beside my ear. Initially, it was manageable. But when my Mom and one buddy mentioned something like “Root Canal Problem” i was all the more terrified.

Frightening experiences i have had many in clinics. The last time i had visited a dentist was when i was six years old. Its been 18 years since. I put up a brave front and took the plunge, as i had to get over with this nagging concern of whether i had to do a Root Canal, which is condidered to be an ardous process.

I reached the clinic and the first glance of the people around wasnt really encouraging: a guy with bandaged chin; another sick looking fellow who had his head between his knees;a  beautiful girl, who seemed like those air hostess types, probably there to whiten her teeth or something. The pictures of horrible teeth and related teeth on the notice board gave a boost to my already petrified self. I mean why have pictures of bleeding gums, dislocated teeth, diagrams of the molars and the process of root canal on the notice board of the lobby; that can easily be shifted within the clinic.

Suddenly from nowhere i heard this drilling machine type sound. I tried to up the volume of my Walkman series phone, but even the mega bass couldnt drown out the incessant drilling sound in the background. I had started to sweat in that air conditioned lobby, which made the other “patients” give me the stare. Finally the dentist’s subordinate called me in, after having made me fill in the application form.

I was made to sit on that scary Dentist Chair, whose shape was like the wooden benches one sees on beaches (Only difference being, there was no sand and sea around, and definitely no PYTs in two pieces) The assistant made me lay down on the seat, and tied a plastic cover around my neck. He said the dentist would attend me in 5 minutes.

“Damn! What perverse pleasure does he get by making me lay down on this chair?!”, i thought to myself. By now my heart was in my mouth. There were dentist surgical instruments all around me. And this is the very aspect of clinics that scares the mickey out of me. I mean i am ready to stay in an abandoned Dak Bungalow, but i cant stand the sight of surgical instruments.

Here on my right were 3 instruments placed like 3 microphones. They had very intricate designs on them and i definitely had no intention of having them in my mouth, but i wudnt protest if the destist had other plans. I decided to look on my left as the sight on the right wasnt really calming my nerves. On the left was another scary looking microphone type instrument, which has outward projecting sharp appendages. Below it was the mini basin. Left too was not helping. I decided to look up north, which has a light enclosure, which though wasnt that frightening, made me visualise not so calm things. I just closed my eyes and prayed for the ordeal to get over soon. Hell where was the Dentist?!?!

The Dentist arrived and observed me. Making me open my mouth wide, making me bite nothing in particular, making me hold a mirror and look at something obnoxious called “my teeth”. In 24 years i had never seen my teeth so closely. According to the dentist, i didnt have to do the dreaded ‘Root Canal’ procedure. There was nothing major, just that my wisdom tooth didnt have enough space to come out (no wonder a mojority of people i come across keep telling me that i am Dumb; thanks to the dentist i now have a justification), which was causing my jaw muscles to stress ultimately leading to the pain sensation near my ear.

I took my prescriptions, saw the video of how one should brush one’s teeth (yeah they actually have a video showing one how to brush! And i thought i was doing just that for the past 24 years). I made the necessary payments and was out of the clinic in no time. The world was a much better place outside the clinic. I headed home, humming my favourite song.