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I was in my class when i suddenly got an SMS saying that Bindra had won a gold medal in 10m Air Rifle shooting. I couldnt contain the happiness and bleated it out to the rest of the class and everyone was delighted. Finally! India won a GOLD in an individual event at the Olympics, a metal which eluded the Indians at the Games.

This is a proud moment for every Indian. Just watching the National Flag rise up alongwith the National Anthem was a very moving experience. Abhinav dude, you did us proud!

Abhinav Bindra has become a national hero now. States have already started announcing cash prizes and it’ll be no surprise that by the time he comes back to the country he will be richer by a few crores at least. There will be felicitations by the state Olympic committees, State CM’s and who knows maybe by the PM or President too.

He deserves every bit of applaud that he will ultimately get. But i personally feel that Bindra’s win at the Olympics should get the Sports authorities out of their slumber and start taking sports other than cricket more seriously. I mean if countries like Cuba can win Olympic Golds why cant we? Sports needs to be taken to the masses. Bindra’s winning the Gold Medal is ample proof that we have amazing talent in the country that needs to be honed.

Govts of various countries including China, sponsor the complete education of children who are trained on to become professional sportsperson. Infact Chinese gymnasts are trained from an age as young as five, so by the time the Olympics arrive they have a headstart over others. And this has shown results, where China is always amongst the top 5 nations as far as the medal tally goes.

Three Cheers for Abhinav!

Take Care