Inside the iFactory

Came across this documentary, that ABC news has produced, about the Foxconn Factory. A feat in itself, as there is a lot at stake – Apple products, many other companies’ products and with the factory being in China, getting inside to do an investigative story can be quite something. The suicide controversy around Foxconn is one of the main reason why this otherwise just another manufacturing facility in the manufacturing hub of Schenzen has got so much publicity. The working conditions at Foxconn are notorious as is explained in this great NYT piece. 

Whatever, the press may say. The fact remains that youngsters gather in hordes to work at Foxconn, as it provides them with the financial security and a tangible job which is not possible in the poor villages they come from. People are quick to pounce upon Apple that it propogates such bodyshopping, if i may. I am in no position to judge anyone.  The question remains, provided the workers had better job options, would they still work at Foxconn?